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Take a journey to your best possible life. It requires you to be healthy. Depart from the habits and routines holding you where you are and move toward the rich, rewarding life only you can create. Recognize that journeys require preparation, without preparation, you are just going for a walk again.  Don't start until you have begun to see the parts that must change. Mindfulness is the starting point. It is the primary action.


There are no rules against you making this journey. In fact, the rule is anyone can move forward when they are ready. You can't rush it so the pressure is only another misperception to recognize and change. You are creating this and you work best when you have the clarity that comes with relaxation.



If you are not satisfied with your life now, change is necessary. Recognize that change is difficult and the environment for change is a big part of succeeding. Create the environment that accepts time and failure as a part of success.


Pay attention to the things that move you in the right direction and let go of the things that don't. Most people already know what they need, they just get caught up in other things.


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Posted by Dr. Greg on June 10, 2015

Why I Love Symptoms

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying I like being sick, flubut when that does happen, I am motivated. I have questions and I want answers. Look, I don’t like the way symptoms feel any more than you do but what I am saying is that symptoms interrupt the path we’re on and tell us to make changes in our course. Symptoms make us pay attention. So listen closely to the next thing I want to say here. Symptoms are not the problem, symptoms are symptoms of the problem. (more…)
Posted by Dr. Greg on May 27, 2015

5 Reasons Why I May Fast But I’ll Never Diet

If food is a comfort or reward and you have stress, TableSettingyou have a recipe for weight gain. Add to that the stress of staying on a diet and you’ve likely increased the demand for comfort and reward (and probably weight gain). Fasting is something I use as a part of a healthy lifestyle. This is not a Ghandi-like protest fast but a part of how I do each day. Truth is I don’t have the self-discipline, the time, or the desire to diet. With that said, here are the five things that really make the difference. (more…)
Posted by Dr. Greg on May 20, 2015

7 Things I Learned From Prize Fighting

Prize FightersI love a great boxing match. There is such a purity in two opponents facing off in the ring. For those of you who don’t know me that well yet, let me say I am not, nor have I ever been a prize fighter. My only time in the ring was in middle school and the metal braces I had on my teeth then made the experience brief and unpleasant. However, I don’t think that means I can’t learn something from watching “the sweet science” and making some applications to my life. Here are the 7 things I learned. (more…)
Posted by Dr. Greg on May 6, 2015

2 Questions to Protect Against Stress

Stress creeps up on you like a thief and sometimes you don’t even realize what’s been images-3stolen. This is especially true for your health. You look around one day and you notice you’ve lost the ability to do something you used to enjoy. Here are just a few of the sneaky things stress can do to you: (more…)

Posted by Dr. Greg on April 29, 2015

Do You Think Like a Healthy Person?

 While in practice, it was my privilege to be involved in the lives of thousands of patients and I can tell you right now thatimages-2 there is a similarity in the way healthy people think. There’s a reason they don’t get  sick when everyone else does. They operate with a set of concepts that keeps them healthy. At the same time, people who always seem to be struggling, always facing some sort of major or minor health crisis also share their own, very different set of concepts. In short, healthy people think differently than unhealthy people. It’s not a mind over matter sort of thing, but a framework of ideas and beliefs about how to stay well. Where are you? (more…)