Why I Love Symptoms

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying I like being sick, flubut sometimes stuff happens. When it does, I have questions and I want answers. I am motivated. Look, I don’t like the way symptoms feel any more than you do but what I am saying is that symptoms interrupt whatever path we’re on and tell us we need to make changes to our course. Listen closely to the next thing I want to say here. Symptoms are not the problem, symptoms are symptoms of the problem. Continue reading
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5 Reasons Why I May Fast But I’ll Never Diet

If food is a comfort or reward and you have stress, TableSettingyou have a recipe for weight gain. Add to that the stress of staying on a diet and you’ve likely increased the demand for comfort and reward (and probably weight gain). Fasting is something I use as a part of a healthy lifestyle. This is not a Ghandi-like protest fast but a part of how I do each day. Truth is I don’t have the self-discipline, the time, or the desire to diet. With that said, here are the five things that really make the difference. Continue reading
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7 Things I Learned From Prize Fighting

Prize FightersI love a great boxing match. There is such a purity in two opponents facing off in the ring. For those of you who don’t know me that well yet, let me say I am not, nor have I ever been a prize fighter. My only time in the ring was in middle school and the metal braces I had on my teeth then made the experience brief and unpleasant. However, I don’t think that means I can’t learn something from watching “the sweet science” and making some applications to my life. Here are the 7 things I learned. Continue reading
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2 Questions to Protect Against Stress

Stress creeps up on you like a thief and sometimes you don’t even realize what’s been images-3stolen. This is especially true for your health. You look around one day and you notice you’ve lost the ability to do something you used to enjoy. Here are just a few of the sneaky things stress can do to you: Continue reading

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Do You Think Like a Healthy Person?

 While in practice, it was my privilege to be involved in the lives of thousands of patients and I can tell you right now thatimages-2 there is a similarity in the way healthy people think. There’s a reason they don’t get  sick when everyone else does. They operate with a set of concepts that keeps them healthy. At the same time, people who always seem to be struggling, always facing some sort of major or minor health crisis also share their own, very different set of concepts. In short, healthy people think differently than unhealthy people. It’s not a mind over matter sort of thing, but a framework of ideas and beliefs about how to stay well. Where are you? Continue reading
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3 Essentials for New Beginnings

I guess some might say I am a grown-up, a finished project.images I still act like a kid sometimes but that’s just old habits, not a true reflection of my calendar. Even if my goal is to live to be a hundred I’m in the second half. But I still have to say I consider myself a beginner. In fact, I may be more of a beginner than I have ever been before.
One of the best things about getting to a “certain age” is the pressure to succeed has reduced. When I was in my twenties and thirties I was a pretty hard competitor and I spent a lot of time and energy trying to get to the top of the heap. Now I’m not so concerned about the heap, my internal drive is much more personalized. There are still things I very much want to accomplish but those things aren’t measured by a societal standard now. Its more about my own journey. Remarkably Continue reading
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The Easiest Way to Make Healthy Life Changes

wisdompostI desire to be healthy and vital for the rest of my long, long life. Most of us feel the same. And we know we can do more to help with that goal. In fact we probably know where we can make the right changes. But change is difficult. What can we do to make that easier? There is a simple way to make lasting habit changes. I call it the “way of knowledge”.

Continue reading

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My First Meditation Experience, and Why I’ll Continue

In the top ten things I see over and over on lists ofMeditation. Relaxing business woman on the beach what I need to do to be healthy, meditation is almost always somewhere on the list. Sometimes its number one, sometimes later, but when I look for ways to start my day or calm myself and focus, its always there.
It’s simple right? Just sit quietly and stop thinking. I’ve even tried it before. I just never “got it”. Okay, check the box, I did it. But I don’t feel any different. Certainly not something transcendental. (I’ll never get that five minutes back). Truthfully, it was hard to stick with because I couldn’t see the value. Continue reading
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Disassembling Procrastination

6.12procrastinateI have always been interested in how people work. I began with a fascination with the way treatment in my office, without drugs or surgery, could help restore a patient’s body to wellness. But one of the topics that used to drive me crazy was why people want to do something and then choose not do it (Like exercising or eating a healthy diet), even when they know it’s good for them.  Former patients who had successfully overcome a chronic problem and knew the simple lifestyle things they could do to prevent a flare-up would show up at my office with a sheepish grin, embarrassed to say they had aggravated their problem again.
But, truthfully, I was doing the same things. Continue reading
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How I Became a Radical (and you might be one too)

 I made the decision to became a doctor after watching
my uncle, a chiropractor, make an protestersadjustment on my aunt. She was complaining of a headache and right after his adjustment she sat back up and said her headache was gone. It amazed me how quickly his treatment had helped. Right at that moment, I became fascinated with hands-on healthcare. I was so intrigued that I went back to college, finished my required courses and applied to Chiropractic College, graduating magna cum laude.
I loved working with patients and I was learning every day how to refine my skills. One thing began to bother me though. All doctors know that results of treatment will be different for each patient and there is no way to tell who will get the best results (that’s why they call it a “practice”). But it was hard to see some patients only improve a little and then not get any better. I kept looking for ways to get better results for those patients.
 I began practice at a good time, acceptance of alternative approaches was growing. I was still looking for new ways to help patients and doors began to open for me professionally. I travelled to China and taught joint manipulation at the orthopedic hospitals in Shanghai and Beijing  I learned how Continue reading
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