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Take a journey to your best possible life. It requires you to be healthy. Depart from the habits and routines holding you where you are and move toward the rich, rewarding life only you can create. Recognize that journeys require preparation, without preparation, you are just going for a walk again.  Don't start until you have begun to see the parts that must change. Mindfulness is the starting point. It is the primary action.


There are no rules against you making this journey. In fact, the rule is anyone can move forward when they are ready. You can't rush it so the pressure is only another misperception to recognize and change. You are creating this and you work best when you have the clarity that comes with relaxation.



If you are not satisfied with your life now, change is necessary. Recognize that change is difficult and the environment for change is a big part of succeeding. Create the environment that accepts time and failure as a part of success.


Pay attention to the things that move you in the right direction and let go of the things that don't. Most people already know what they need, they just get caught up in other things.


The Reasonable Radical Blog

Posted by Dr. Greg on February 11, 2015

Radical Eating

Food is social and fun.
Preparing healthy food is part of enjoying life.

There are few things we have more evidence for than the link between what we eat and the quality of health we enjoy. The way the average American eats makes them overweight and lethargic, and increases their chances for diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Wow, don’t miss that… if you eat like a radical (rejecting the way the average American eats), you will look better, feel better, and be less sick.
So how do we improve? (more…)
Posted by Dr. Greg on October 21, 2013

Move Like a Radical

Surf's up!
Surf’s up!

No question that movement is a fundamental for keeping yourself healthy. The old adage of “use it or lose it” applies here and when we don’t move regularly, we lose. While we are losing fitness, we are also gaining. The average American gains about a pound every year after age 25. Every year new programs spring up to show us how to recover fitness and lose weight but most people don’t sign up and every year the average American gets a little less healthy.

So, what if you want something else for your life? (more…)

Posted by Dr. Greg on June 27, 2013

Obesity a Disease? Puh-leez!

Disease may run in families
Disease may run in families

As you may have seen yesterday, the American Medical Association has decided to classify obesity as a disease. Let’s be frank, there is only one reason to classify something as a disease and that is to figure out the best treatment for it. Once again our health care system moves us closer to the “medicalization” of America.

A “Big Pharma” executive walks into a bar and strikes up a conversation with the bartender. When the bartender finds out what kind of work he does he asks him what he thinks of the recent statistic that now 75% of Americans take a prescription drug every day. Does he respond like you or I would? Shocked? Incredulous? (more…)

Posted by Dr. Greg on March 11, 2013

Outrageous and Unsustainable

Listen up Radicals! We are winning. This is my second post in a row where something has happened in the media that shows things are changing. Last night on CNN, a broadcast of “Escape Fire: the Fight to Rescue American Healthcare” aired at 8pm and again at 11pm. In this documentary, a light was shined into the dark reality of our healthcare system. After years of saying the same words myself, I can’t begin to say how exciting it was to see a national program say that the United States does not have a health care system but a disease management system.

We have the most expensive treatment in the history of the world at over 2.8 Trillion dollars per year, more than twice (more…)

Posted by Dr. Greg on February 28, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama Asks for Your Food Vote

The First Lady wants your vote

Hooray for first lady Michelle Obama! She has aligned with one of my favorite messages, the need to use our consumer vote to change our food system.

I thought she was wonderful on the interview I saw on tonight’s CBS newscast. In a discussion about her campaign to stop companies from marketing junk food to our kids she said “We have to remember, we’re the ones that set the demand, (more…)